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Mark Knight
4 min readAug 30, 2022

Using a betting tipster to make your gambling decisions does not guarantee you success. Even so, the best betting tipster will be vigilant about scores and players, and with such information be able to predict the outcome more accurately.

A good tipster betting prediction can result in very high wins for you, but where do you find the most promising information? In this article, you’ll learn about the best betting tipster sites to use today.

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List of the Best Sport Betting Tipsters

Finding a great betting tipster is not easy, but it is of utmost importance if you want high chances of winning. That being said, here is a top list for you:

  1. Tipstrr

On Tipstrr, you can find a paid or a free betting tipster to source your bets from. The company was founded in 2014 and now offers the services of some of the biggest experts in this industry.

The reason why they are so popular is because they track the success of every betting tipster. The ones that don’t offer correct predictions often get lower rating and are less frequently used by gamblers.

Some of the benefits of using Tipstrr include:

  • Free and paid tipsters to choose from
  • A variety of filters to use to make your choice
  • Simple interface
  • Transparent betting history for tipsters
  1. Soccerrafa

If you’re looking for tipster football betting tips, this is a great site for it. Follow Soccerrafa to make Betfair bets, although they do place wagers on other sites occasionally, too. There are a very big number of bets on this platform, which makes it suitable for diverse players based on their preferences.

The benefits of using Soccerrafa include:

  • Profitable tipsters every month
  • Most predictions are posted 12 to 24 hours before the match
  • There’s a long betting history that tipsters use to make their predictions
  • Versatile bet options
  1. Zenith

Zenith has a profitable tipster in 85% of the months, which makes it a smart place to get your information from. It uses a bigger number of bookies compared to the previous site, though most its bets are placed only a few hours before the matches.

If you don’t want to miss out on the important notifications from their betting tipster, we recommend turning on the notifications from this source.

The biggest benefits of using Zenith are:

  • Bets available on different sites such as 888Sport, Bet365 and Betfair
  • Average odds of 2.25
  • A big number of tips each week
  • Profitable tipster in most of the months with a 2 years old prediction history
  • Average profit per month of 251 with basic stakes of $10 per pick
  1. Footballer Tips

This tipster is very sharp about its predictions and has many weekly tips for sports events like Champion Ligue. At a low price, you can subscribe to get tips and boost your chances of success when wagering on sports. Some of the biggest benefits of using FootballerTips are:

  • Almost 2 year old betting history
  • Versatile weekly tips in big numbers
  • Uses a variety of bookings including Pinnacle and Betfair
  • A profitable tipster in 95% of the months

Keep in mind that most predictions on FootballerTips are placed a few hours before the event, mostly between 3 and 12 hours. Set up notifications if you don’t want to miss out on it.

  1. Lemonado

Next on our list is Lemonado, a site with over 1 year old prediction history. Even though they have a smaller prediction history compared to others in this list, they have a profitable tipster in over 80% of the months. They are growing at an incredibly fast rate with the percentage of returning subscribers ranging at high.

The benefits of using Lemonado include:

  • Places bets on more bookies, including Bet365, Betfair, and 888Sport
  • A profitable tipster in 80% of the months in a year
  • Plenty of tips each week (keep in mind that predictions are mostly posted an hour or two before the matches)
  1. Asian Football Betting

With an average monthly profit of around $45.69, Asian Football Betting is also a site in high demand. Its return of investment percentage is 7.48% with average odds at around 1.94. The benefits of using this tipster include:

  • 17/22 months were profitable in the past year
  • A 2 year old betting history
  • Limited, but smart weekly tips
  1. Underdog Racing Tips

Last on our list is Underdog Racing Tips, a tipster that averages $508 profit per month with basic stakes of $10 per pick. Most of their bets are placed on horse racing on platforms like Betfair and Bet 365. Here are the main things you should know about this tipster:

  • Tips are posted on the day as the match takes place
  • Mostly posts bets on horse races
  • Most bets are placed on Each Way on horse racing
  • Average odds of 17


The smart choice of a betting tipster can change how you view the matches’ outcome, give you a better perceptive, and even result in more frequent wins. This can be profitable in the long run if you use a good tipster platform, so choose wisely.



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